Since 1994, FireZorb International has been providing Canadian manufactured environmental protection products to first responders and industry across North America. The company founder, Mr. Ron Porter, is the inventor of all products manufactured by FireZorb International with patents held in Canada, the United States and Britain.


Ron first saw the need for specialized products through his background in emergency services, particularly the need for effectively extinguishing Class 'D' fires as well as increasing the instant spill response capabilities of responders.


Our own "MultiZorb" absorbent product quickly became the product of choice by emergency response teams for public agencies and private industry. "MultiZorb" is sold across Canada by our national distribution network. Our customers are still using our products since 1995.


Preserving the air we breath and the water we drink has become an issue on a global scale. Many politicians and non-governmental agencies have also publicly recognized the need to reduce carbon emissions and landfill deposits while protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. Quite simply, FireZorb International has been manufacturing and distributing products that support these environmental preservation goals since 1994.


We look forward to consulting with you and demonstrating how we can reduce harmful landfill deposits while providing the opportunity to reduce your costs.


FireZorb International would also like to thank "Benefect" for their assistance in developing our "Body Fluid Solidifier"  and also "M2 Polymer Technologies" for their assistance in developing the "Spill Cents Solidifier"


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